14 day gel plus for body whitening cream


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This is v comsmetic product . Itis active against acute dermatitis:eczema,psoriasis.prurigo.local inflammatory and allergic reactions.It stimulates ths cutaneous system bringing the skin to its normal physiological condition. Read insid leaflet for further use instructions.

How  to use:  

Wash your skin then dry it carefully- place the cream on the pat of skin that you want to whiten.

Use this 14days gel for your Neck-Hands-leg & what aver your Full body for whitening in 10 days and use 24 hours One time, Continuous use for 10 days.

14day gel 1 pic's 25g Carefully read the label inside should be 90ml per use.

No side effect 100% Natural fruits makes your skin beautiful.

Made in Milan Italy for Glowhite led

Online supplier only  on WPC

best berore: 5 years from production date see pack production date.

100% Original Product supplier in GCC & INTERNATIONAL  ONLY ON  WPC.


HAW TO YOU BAY ONLAIN HTE ITAMS FROM international Country...?



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