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COMPOSITION-Clobetasol Propionate 0.050%(50 mg in each 100 grams) EXCIPIENTS : propylene glycol,carbomer, triethanolamine, purified water .

INDICATIONS -inflammatory skin conditions .

The particular compound allows an effective softening and soothing action.
EXTERNAL USE keep out of the reach of children protect from excessive heat (max.40 C-104 C asper U.S.P

Made in Switzerland 

100% Original Product supplier in GCC ONLY WPC

BEST BEFORE: 2 years from production date see pack production date


HAW TO YOU BAY ONLAIN HTE ITAMS FROM IN international Country...?

Dear customer if you want to buy The items online international Country  so you can payment toImage result for paypal logo png

 after i sand to your area 3 working days mailbox(P.O.Box) with your name. Thank you 

listen carefully you need to successful  must be use 90-120 ml

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